Tips On Managing A Temporary Warehouse

When you manage a temporary warehouse, your responsibilities and duties can range from evaluating and supervising employees to many other things such as distributing merchandise, storage, inventory control, receiving, purchasing and shipping. Running a prod...

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14 Ways Of Ensuring That Your Temporary Warehouse Is Clean, Safe & Organized

1. Keep An Updated Cleaning Schedule

Any comprehensive cleaning regime is based on a well-thought-out plan, and that means having a schedule for sprucing up your temporary warehouse daily. Since a temporary warehouse i...

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4 Ways to Improve Temporary Warehouse’s Layout Efficiency and Save Costs

A warehouse’s layout is directly proportional to its efficiency. If space is utilized well, there’s then a better chance of impacting the supply chain costs positively, and vice versa. Most of the inefficiencies that cause ...

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Fantastic Opportunities Through Tension Fabric Structures For Media

Tension Fabric Structures Allow Your Imagination To Fly With Indoor Filmmaking

Entertainers, musicians, broadcasters, and filmmakers understand that the atmosphere is absolutely everything. Whenever a creative production is bei...

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Disaster Recovery: Solutions And Challenges Provided By Temporary Warehouse Structures

In recent years, large parts of America have been devastated by massive storms, fires, and floods. These types of events have hit in all kinds of places: recreational areas, industrial sites, suburbs, urban ce...

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How The Skills Gap Is Slowing Manufacturing Growth By Temporary Warehouse

According to a recent report by Industry Pulse, a lack of skilled talent is one of the biggest problems for the manufacturing sector and is holding back growth. The report notes that three of the main challenges that compa...

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Helpful & Effective Strategies For The Manufacturing Industries With
Temporary Structures

You may have a contingency plan for when or if something goes wrong. Yet have you prepared your business for growth?

The industry of manufacturing has undergone a growth that is steady since it went throug...

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How To Maintain The Integrity Of Temporary Structures

According to a publication by Marsh Insurance in 2003, more than 100 accidents in petrochemical facilities are as a result of a mechanical integrity failure. The physical damage on the facility equates to $116 million today. The numbers almos...

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How To Choose The Correct Type Of Flooring For Your Temporary Structure

There are a lot of decisions that you need to make when choosing a floor for a temporary structure. In some cases, you might not even need to use flooring, depending on the requirements of your project. There are a lot of ap...

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Temporary Warehouse Structures

  • Temporary Structures

    In the past, when companies needed more temporary storage space, they had two options. They could rent or build a permanent structure, which was very costly, or they could set up a tent, which lacked strength and security. Now, Temporary Warehouse Structures offers what more and more businesses are finding to be a superior alternative. If your company is storing valuable products, why not go with a proven solution? Our metal structures and portable warehouses have been used extensively in Europe and Australia for decades. They are constructed of rust-free galvanized steel and anodized aluminum. Engineered for extreme wind and snow, they have withstood the freezing gales of the North Sea and the blistering summers of the Australian outback. Best of all, they can be erected at a fraction of the cost of a brick-and-mortar structure.
  • Clear Span

    Clear Span’ is an architectural term to describe the distance between the two inside surfaces of the span supports; the distance that is unsupported, if you will.If you have need in your steel building design for a wide space that is clear of posts and beams, then a clear span design is the choice for you. In essence a clear span design is one that does not have supporting pillars such as those found in pole buildings. A clear span building offers the most usable space and is ideally suited to factories and warehouses where vehicles such as fork lift trucks are used within the building. Other applications could include sports complexes with full size playing fields and even indoor motocross arenas. The most common type of single store building above 10 m (30’) span is the steel ‘portal framed’ building; applications of portal frame buildings include: factories, warehouses, aircraft hangars, schools, gymnasiums & sports centers etc.
  • Temporary Fabric Structures

    Temporary Warehouse Structures offer portable fabric buildings that enable businesses to make investments in mobile buildings. The structures that we provide use a modular framing system that may be expanded, disassembled or assembled by a crew that has no prior experience with temporary fabric structures. We provide phone support and above industry standard customer support. Although disassembly can be useful for transporting the structure from one job site to another, it probably isn’t quite sufficient for relocating structures within one job site. We have encountered this need and addressed it here at Temporary Warehouse Structures. We provide mobility kits – rails and a crane-lifting package – that makes it possible to move our temporary fabric structures as whole units. The fabric structures from Temporary Warehouse use a corrosion resistant, triple-galvanized structural steel frame made in the USA.
  • Thermo Roof Air Systems

    Thermo Roof Air Systems Roof Structure Air Systems and Insulation. Our structures utilize a double layer thermo-roof design. This type of roof system is a breakthrough in technology. These design advantages limit rain/snow collection, thereby reducing roof loading and extending fabric life. The air system connects all fabric sections and maintains air pressure inside the roof/gable fabrics. A relief valve is installed in every structure to prevent over pressurization of the roof fabrics. This is an automatic, pressure controlled, and sealed system that requires NO personnel involvement once properly installed. Continuous 110 volt electric power is required for proper air system operation.
  • Clear Span HVAC

    HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. In warehouse spaces, HVAC systems control the ambient environment (temperature, humidity, air flow, and air filtering). These systems include filtration where required by climate, humidification, and dehumidification as well as heating and cooling. The goal is to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality. The cost effectiveness to install an HVAC system in a commercial warehouse space fully depends on its usage. The low noise operation of the system makes it’s very recommendable as it gives off near zero to zero noise pollution. When compared to some other cooling systems, TWS’s HVAC systems are very clean and quite safe to use, in addition to creating more purified air. In some cases, TWS might use a unit that is a combustion heat free system. This type of system works automatically by removing undesired air and replacing it with the more purified form.
  • Construction Tents

    Large-scale commercial, industrial and turn-around construction projects offer unique logistical challenges for on-site storage and meeting space. Industrial Clear Span Tents are the answer.Millions of dollars in materials, equipment and manpower must be on location at the proper time to get the job done as scheduled and on budget. Temporary Warehouse Structures offers facility and project mangers an on-site economical and secure option to make your valuable resources readily available.You can install your own locks to secure your assets and eliminate unauthorized entry into the structure.Off-site storage, security and transit can cause costly delays, adding hundreds of man-hours waiting for parts to be ordered, loaded and transported to the site. Our structures can be installed at or near construction site providing on-demand access to parts, tools and equipment.Workers are the most valuable resource available at any job site.
  • Lunch Tents

    Large temporary clear span tents with construction safety features and temperature controlled environment.Feed 100 people or 1,000+ – our temporary construction tents can be used for break areas and safety meetings. Protect both your people and your materials from the weather and seasonal changes.Our industrial tent structures are a turnkey process on your site, and can be removed when the need is no longer present. Features of our tents make them unique and a good choice for industrial, petrochemical and construction sites. Setup benches, tables and chairs to provide shift turnaround and staging areas for safety briefings and personnel gatherings. Our industrial lunch tents for industrial plants and construction sites are available for rent or purchase and provide an alternative to expensive permanent construction, any capital expenditures, and taxable facilities. We have the experience and our teams build and place our systems in every state. We work with you and your local official.
  • Industrial Tents

    Distribution Warehousing – Flex Space – Seasonal and Temporary Commercial Storage. Efficiently managing inbound raw materials and outbound products can be the difference between profit and loss. Quantities of supplies and demand for completed products can change on a daily basis. Having a flexible temporary space will give supply managers and facility managers the tools they need to rapidly adjust to changes in supply and demand.Clients have used our industrial tent structures for distribution of parts, assembly, pick and pack materials and for seasonally based products. TWS will work with you to maximize every square foot of your temporary structure. If you need ten truckloads of raw materials or space to prepare finished products for transport, a TWS portable building will meet your needs.Seasonal cycles often require temporary flex space for distribution warehousing and storage. Clients have used our engineered structures for holiday products and for weather protection.
  • Oilfield Services

    Temporary Warehouse Structures has serviced the E&P, Wire line, Oil Field Service, and Down hole industries since TWS started in 1998.Suppliers, producers, and services have utilized our structures in remote areas across the continental US saving millions of dollars in downtime. Our structures are portable and will not remain or improve the leaseholder’s land once production has moved.The Energy industry is in a constant state of change and moves rapidly from one hot play to the next. The greatest enemies to natural resource exploration profitability are being able to get production started quickly or a producing rig going idle for repair. A flexible, portable temporary warehouse offers supply chain and rig mangers an on-site economical tool to make your valuable resources readily available. Therefore keeping rig down time to a minimum.On-Site Oilfield Equipment Storage. Structures can be installed at or near rig site providing just in-time access to parts, tools and equipment.
  • Industrial Tents for Portable Production Lines

    TWS can deliver, install and remove a portable building to your location; the cost for this space is simply a production expense. Having a flexible temporary space, on site, will give production managers a weather tight, securable space they need to fill your orders quickly and protect any valuable production machines stored inside. Our insulated structures with straight/vertical/steel walls and large steel overhead doors provide an efficient space for various manufacturing operations. TWS will work with you to maximize every square foot of your temporary structure. Raw materials can be brought in one side and packaged finished products will emerge at the other end.
  • Business Interruption & Renovations

    Temporary Buildings and Structures for Business Continuity. Unfortunately, businesses face operational challenges that are outside of their control; fires, floods, windstorms, etc. can all bring operations and employees to a standstill. Temporary Warehouse Structures can help you quickly recover from disaster, and often times structure costs are covered by business interruption insurance.Automatic Ice & Beverage, Inc. – a customer in Alabama – called in a panic: a fire had destroyed his facility. TWS installed a 5000 sqft temporary warehouse within 10 days of his call for help. Due to construction delays, our structure ended up being on site for about 18-months, and AIB was able to continue profitable business operations while permanent building was rebuilt.
  • Military Building

    Temporary Warehouse Structures is a veteran owned small business with extensive experience in the portable building and industrial tent industry.We have provided excellent products and services to the military, local and federal governments for many years. These projects are completely unique in size and scope. TWS has worked with numerous government agencies and contractors on projects both large and small. We are proud to create the best value using taxpayer dollars for each facility.Our structures have been used as LAMS or Large Area Maintenance Shelters. We commonly provide our turnkey warehouse setup to be used as temporary firehouses, military vehicle maintenance shops, permanent base distribution centers, and training centers. We have all the necessary DUNS, ORCA, NAICS, SIC, CAGE codes, certifications, insurance, approvals, and records to bid on any government RFP.
  • Aircraft Hangars

    The hangar systems from the Temporary Warehouse Structures offer cost-efficiency and feature especially high-quality material and manufacturing quality. The modular design allows for span widths of up to 196 feet, creating enough space for most projects. The construction of every single hangar system is custom tailored to the customer’s needs in order to create the perfect space solution. If your requirements change, all hangars can be lengthened at any time. TWS offers a comprehensive range of accessories as well, which are specially designed for the hangar systems. The range includes ventilation, air-conditioning and lighting systems as well as special door and gate systems.
  • Clear Span Tent Structures

    ‘Clear Span’ is an architectural term to describe the distance between the two inside surfaces of the span supports; the distance that is unsupported, if you will.If you have need in your steel building design for a wide space that is clear of posts and beams, then a clear span design is the choice for you. In essence a clear span design is one that does not have supporting pillars such as those found in pole buildings. A clearspan building offers the most usable space and is ideally suited to factories and warehouses where vehicles such as fork lift trucks are used within the building. Other applications could include sports complexes with full size playing fields and even indoor motocross arenas.

Warehouse Services

  • Temporary Structures Product Line

    Insulated Temporary Building Structures – Commercial ApplicationsOur insulated temporary industrial structures are constructed of three main components, and are available for lease or purchase. These large portable buildings, often called industrial tents, are designed for industrial and commercial setup and re-use.The frame is made with galvanized steel and anodized aluminum for strength, durability, and flexibility. The various frame components are bolted together to form the structure’s skeleton.The vertical walls are 2 inches thick composed of two pieces of steel sheeting filled with foam. They are assembled vertically in a tongue and groove fashion. This design allows for insulation, security, and safety. Water can seep under the walls if the interior is lower than the exterior ground level.The tops and gables are double ply 21 oz. coated vinyl fabric that is air inflated. This eliminates condensation, adds strength, aids in shedding rain and snow, and forms a “dead space.
  • Tent Engineering

    Building permits may or may not be required for our warehouse structures. Each location is unique and building codes for temporary structures are different. In some locations structures can be installed for years without a permit or inspection. For others, a Certificate of Occupancy and permit are required prior to installation.Temporary Warehouse Structures has a contract Professional Engineer on staff that is licensed in all 50 states.We have years of experience calculating structural loads on temporary structures. TWS and our certified Professional Engineer can produce stamped and accredited structural load reports for building department review. Local building departments often request these reports if a building permit is required. Consider contacting your local building department for guidance and explanation of local requirements for temporary structures.
  • Turnkey Installation

    Professional Delivery, Installation, and Removal of Warehouse. Temporary Warehouse Structures will provide ALL the tools, equipment, supervision, and labor necessary for construction and removal of a leased temporary warehouse (or only installation of a purchased structure). There are no “surprise” costs to our service. We arrive, you tell us where the warehouse structure is to be installed, go to your office, grab a cup of coffee, and we will build and customize your structure. We provide turnkey solutions for on-site temporary buildings for warehouse and industrial applications.
  • Temporary Structure Financing

    Design and Installation Services at Temporary Warehouse Structures (TWS). We will advise in the selection of your custom building configuration. We can help navigate local building codes for temporary structures, then deliver, install, and dismantle our structure at your site. We are confident that our product and service will exceed your expectations. We provide turn-key process for installation and removal.Temporary Warehouse Solutions provides a straight, vertical-walled, steel-clad, clear-span structure with a commercial/industrial grade air-inflated vinyl roof and gable panels. All materials are designed and engineered for long term use.Components bolt together for easy assembly and dismantling. The same structure can be used, relocated, and re-erected repeatedly. Due to our modular framework design, a structure can be lengthened or shortened from one job site to the next. Large square-footage requirements can be met by placing structure in a side-by-side configuration.
  • Tent Disassembly & Removal

    Safety, Site and Responsibilities...Once the structure is no longer needed, Temporary Warehouse Structures (TWS) needs a 30 day written notice to schedule removal. We will remove the structure in the same manner as when it was installed. Turn-key! We will provide all equipment, tools, labor, and supervision required to dismantle the structure safely and professionally. Safety On the job site, we will follow all OSHA guidelines as well any other guidelines the customer might require. Our number one goal is to remove the structure safely and in a timely manner. To ensure the proper dismantling of the structure, the crew will have a morning debrief meeting and will be required to fill out Job Safety Analysis sheets. Following these strict guidelines has prevented TWS from never having a reportable injury on a customer’s job site. After take down, TWS will conduct a walk around and ensure the site does not have any loose parts, trash, or miscellaneous items. We will cap and refill any

Temporary Structure Equipment

  • Structure Overhead Doors

    Roll-up overhead doors can be installed almost anywhere on the perimeter of our structures. Standard doors are manually operated, single-ply sheet metal, and white in color.Standard door height ranges from 13 feet 6 inches to 21 feet depending on structure eave height and door location. Standard door width ranges from 12 feet to 16 feet depending on structure width and door location. Standard 15 foot eave height structures accommodate semi-truck access through 15 foot tall (height) by 16 foot wide doors.Roll-Up warehouse door options:Motorized operation with safety stopRemote open and closureWind LockFor purchased structures, door sizes and locations are customized to your specifications within the building’s structural stability limitations. These limitations would be evaluated and established by our licensed professional engineer.
  • Personnel Doors

    Steel hollow core personnel doors can be installed just about anywhere on the perimeter of TWS structures. Standard doors are manually operated, single ply sheet metal, and gray in color. Windows, breaker bars, push button handle locks, and deadbolts are not standard for our personnel doors, but can be provided. Standard doors are 6 ft 7 inches high by 36 inches wide (with lever handles).Warehouse door options available for purchase and installation:Dead bolt locks, Push button handle locks, Emergency breaker bars, Windows, Variations in height and/or width.
  • Temporary Structure Lighting

    Temporary Warehouse Structures (TWS) offers industrial grade temporary lighting options for lease or for purchase. For most general applications, 3 lights are needed for every 5000 sq ft of structure. Additional localized lighting can be added for detailed operations. Lights are hung by TWS personnel and are powered by simple 3 prong 120 V electric plugs and can easily be wired by your state licensed electrician. Lighting Features and Benefits 400 W metal halide bulb provides economical, efficient temporary lighting on commercial, industrial and residential construction sites. We are proud to offer our clients superior material, expert craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings. Call us at 281-489-7811 or request a quote.
  • Structural Bracing

    Evaluating options for temporary commercial storage highlights the benefits of a clear-span leased structure. Our steel wall panels and inflated industrial tent roof materials provide safety, security and cost benefits making it a fiscally responsible decision. Storage located on your site saves time and money in material transfers and security.Listed are a few of the advantages to have a Temporary Warehouse Structures on your site:Safety Ratings of Structures. Fully engineered (data and drawings available for permitting)Snow load rated. Wind load rated. Fire retardant materials. Strong and Durable Construction Materials. Galvanized steel and anodized aluminum construction.Secure Space. Steel wall panels (4880 approval standard for Class 1 fire rating), personnel doors, and overhead doors.No Unusable Space. Our Clear Span structures have vertical walls which maximize usable square footage, thereby increasing your vertical square footage. No wasted space (NO ROUNDED ARCHES).


a month ago
My husband is so excited to have found you all! You have made the process of storage so much easier and I know he really appreciates it. Talk to this team if you are looking for a good price on a temporary warehouse structure!
- Denise V
a month ago
I was looking for a temporary tent structure when I found these guys. They helped me a lot with the many questions that I had and I was able to get something going for an affordable price. Definitely give them a call!
- Danny A
2 months ago
Temporary Warehouse provided the best structures for my products. I am so happy that I found your company, your staff is extremely knowledgeable and who assisted what we needs. Looking forward for another service. It was great working with you.
- Adam G

About us

Temporary Warehouse Structures was founded in 1998 by two men that had over 36 years of experience in the German clear span tent industry. No company in the United States was providing the ”industrial grade” clear span tent structure for the portable temporary warehouse market.

Several party and event tent companies offered (and still do) their clear span tents for use as a temporary warehouses, but they were not of the strength, durability, or innovative design as the clear span warehouses that were available in Europe. Temporary Warehouse Structures was the first American company to exclusively offer this superior product. Our structures are heavier due to larger profile aluminum extruded rafters and cave uprights, galvanized steel reinforcing joint inserts, and galvanized steel purlins. The structures are NOT – and we do not offer – party/event structures. Our 2 ply air inflated roof fabric is far superior to the industry standard single ply fabrics. Our Thermo Roofs offer a dead air space insulation factor, no water or snow accumulation at the eaves, no condensation dripping into the structure interior, no wind flutter of the material, and they add strength to the structure.

We are continually proud to offer our clients superior material, craftsmanship, and structurally sound clear span buildings. Call us TODAY at 281-489-7811 to discuss your project or request a quote.  

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